Boats in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a land of diversity and cultural splendor. From the stunning beaches and lively city centers, to the green paddy fields and arid mountains; from the diverse wildlife to the plethora of religions that permeate the country, Bangladesh offers much to the tourist.

A range of itineraries and travel destinations are available in this South Asian country. Whether it is an experience of culture or fun, exploring the beauty of Bangladesh will surely be a worthwhile experience for all.


Mirpur, one of the most popular cities in Bangladesh is considered to be a Mecca by the local populace.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the major tourist destinations in South Asia.

Located on the confluence of the River Mekong and Chatuna, Mirpur stands as a jewel in the landscape of Bangladesh. The colonial and ethnic architecture blended together to create an amazing monument which attracts tourists with its blissful calmness, scenic beauty, and tranquility.

Besides enjoying the charm of the serene atmosphere and the delightful river, there are many other interesting attractions in this glorious city.


Another popular destination in Bangladesh is the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. With magnificent monuments and age-old historical edifice, and an exquisite cityscape, Dhaka takes your breath away with its splendid architecture.

With plenty of sightseeing spots and numerous museums, the city visit will leave you eager to go back to explore more of the attractions of Bangladesh. Taking a Dhaka houseboat ride is one such way to revisit this historical city and experience the natural splendor of the river.

Dhaka is also a desirable place for exploring the rich and colorful history of the place. Famous for being the residence of the erstwhile Mughal kings, the City is replete with forts, palaces, mosques, and temples.

Royal Bengal Palace

The Royal Bengal Palace is a jewel in the crown of South Asian architectural grandeur. It was built by the ruler Ashoka the Great, and the present structure is one of the finest examples of Mughal architecture. T

he palace was under the rule of various sultans and the last governor of Bengal, Jahangir, completed it in seventeen hundred. Although, the Palace is over two thousand years old, it has been given the royal treatment with immense care and attention by the present rulers.

Jaswant Thada Museum

The Jaswant Thada Museum is one of the best-preserved Asian museums in Bangladesh and is well worth a visit. The name Jaswant means “Excellence”. It is believed to have been founded by the noted scholar and author Jivaji Vasavulu. He had succeeded in spreading his knowledge of languages across India, particularly in Bengal and had drawn pictures of places in the South.

Baitul Mukarram

Baitul Mukarram or Baytul Mukarram is the National Mosque of Bangladesh, located at the heart of Dhaka. The construction of this mosque was finished in 1968. It has a seating capacity of 42,000+ today. The construction of the mosque started on the orders of the then ruler, General Muhammadabad Muazzam. The name Baytul Mukarram literally means “mosques in the golden age” in Urdu, but is more commonly referred to as Baytul Islam in English.

The Warli Temple

The Warli Temple in Bangladesh is a major attraction site for all Hindus coming to the city. It is situated on the river Brac that flows through the district where the temples are built at the confluence of the two rivers.

The Warli Temple has an idol of Goddess Warli who is the daughter of the River Ganges and Lord Brahma. This temple holds a special significance for Hindus as it honors the attempt to build a holy temple on the earth.


Dhaka is a cosmopolitan city in South Asia and is the capital of Bangladesh. It is located on the bank of the river Ghazabha. It is a city of great diversity, offering culture, religion, ethnicity, and languages along with numerous other attractions.

The city was built around a lake and is well connected by air and railway to different parts of the country. The city received its name from the Dardan traders who were famous for trading with China and India. The city enjoys great tourism due to several sightseeing tours, beach activities, shopping, and excellent food and drink.

You can visit Dhaka either during the summer or winter, as the climate in the city is moderate both in the summer months and the winter season. Dhaka is a popular destination for both local and global tourists. There are many sightseeing spots in the city that will ensure a memorable holiday experience.

Chittagong Hill

Chittagong Hills is a delightful holiday destination in East Asia. Situated in northern Bangladesh the city is bordered by the Indian and Thai Borders. It is blessed with natural beauty, lovely beaches, picturesque hill stations, lush green hills, beautiful rivers, and many more charms which have contributed to it being one of the most popular Asian destinations today. 

Chittagong Hills offer numerous options for tourists coming to the region. For those looking for luxury and comfort can opt for the Chittagong Sliding Bay Villas and apartments. If on the other hand, the thrill seeking people will try the adventurous activities like hiking, trekking, white water rafting, paragliding etc. And for adventure lovers there are various golf courses located in Chittagong hills to boast of.

Chittagong Hills has everything that an international tourist will look for. Its pleasant climate, lovely beaches, nice hotels, restaurants, shopping avenues and excellent night life makes this place a favorite stay place among tourists and locals. There is no doubt that this place will never disappoint you. Chittagong has an amazing lifestyle which is alluring to everyone from young to old.


Bangladesh is an incredible country with diverse landscapes, culture, and traditions. There is a plethora of exciting travel destinations to choose from while on a Bangladesh city visit. Plan your itinerary keeping in mind the interests and needs of your family. If you are a nature lover, then there are several natural parks and sanctuaries in Bangladesh where you can spend quality time with your family.