How to Look for Ideal Bali Volunteer Programs

Would you be interested in doing volunteer work in Bali, Indonesia? Indonesia is one of the most visited countries and Asia and Bali is one of its most famous provinces. Bali is an island so aside from being home to many Hindu Indonesians, it’s also considered as the habitat for many types of marine species as well as the home of the Subak Irrigation System, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Needless to say, Bali is a sight to behold but it’s also in need of cleanup and marine life preservation. Good thing there are many agencies and non-profit organizations that help solve their social and environment problems by sending volunteer workers, such as Involvement Volunteers International which is based in Australia. If you’re looking for possible Bali volunteer programs, what procedure should you follow?

Kinds of Volunteer Work to Do in Bali

Before you start searching for groups that offer work for volunteer in Bali, you have to know what kinds of non-profit work you can do there. One of the most extensive volunteer programs done in Bali is for turtle and marine life conservation. Bali’s water forms need to be regularly cleaned and maintained so they can preserve their rich marine ecosystem. Bali’s streets and sewerage are also polluted with trash due to improper waste disposal habits, so they accept cleanup help offered by groups like Involvement Volunteers International. Cleanup drives are open to anyone who are willing to either help clean Bali streets or educate the residents on proper waste disposal techniques.

Aside from marine preservation you may also become teachers or mentors of students in the Bali province. You can help improve the academic performance of Bali students by assisting them in subjects or topics which they are having difficulty with. If you have medical background you may volunteer to help in nutritional programs that are implemented to help Bali residents improve and maintain their overall well-being.

Advantages of Doing Volunteer Work in Bali

Becoming the volunteer Bali residents need is actually an honour and a privilege. You are given the chance to make a difference in the lives of residents who are in dire need of help in boosting their economic and social status. As a volunteer you’ll be able to learn many practical skills that will help not only the program beneficiaries but the volunteers as well.

What’s great about Bali volunteer programs is that you can choose to participate in projects that run for different time periods, which means you can sign up for either full time or part-time work. Aside from engaging in activities that help Bali residents, some groups even organize leisurely activities which volunteers can do in their spare time!

Factors to Consider in Looking for Ideal Bali Volunteer Programs

When looking for potential Bali volunteer programs, check the background of the group or agency that organizes it. Visit their website for some basic details about their group and then contact the official program manager or supervisor which can explain further about programs you’re interested in. Ask about registration fees and payment modes. For starters, you may check out Involvement Volunteers International.

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