You Will Never Forget the Streets of Japan

Japan Packages

Brisk walking could get tiring as time passes—except when you do it in Japan! Is there a better way than to get up, stretch, and walk the streets of the land of the rising sun? Japan is regarded as a tech beast in Asia, but its streets scream its utmost respect for culture and heritage. In April 2017 alone, there have already been 23, 000 visits from Australia according to JTB Tourism Research and Consulting. Many of these Australians usually avail Japan packages that include walking and biking tours. Japan packages in Australia usually allow tourists to Dojos and historical places, but what the tourists never forgot were the streets of Japan. Mostly it left them in awe, but its bizarreness also baffled them. What’s magical about them? You’ll find out here:

Japan Packages

  • Insane Vending Machines

In Japan, people are addicted to automation. From hot meals to magazines, their vending machines got it for you. Even the number of vending machines surpassed the number of sushi stores they have. You can check Japan packages if you want to get some of these products from a vending machine:

A drink of your choice – In Japan, there’s a vending machine that has a facial recognition software that could guess your age and gender, and then suggest a beverage for you.

Fish Soup – The Japanese love their fish—grilled flying fish, to be exact—so much that they place it in bottles with soup and algae.

Business Cards – Designing and printing business cards can be so easy in Japan—just press a few buttons and indicate your information. A reporter from Vox Borders even got to print about 30 pieces in 2 minutes.

Canned bread – Japan started in the 50’s with sodas in a can, now they can’t be stopped anymore from canning everything, even bread.

  • Otherworldly city in the night

Pure magic—that’s how anyone who’s been there would describe it. If you haven’t seen Studio Ghibli’s animated movies, you will be missing out on a feeling of pure ecstasy of being in Japan at night. The best Japan packages you should avail for your visit should include walking tours in the streets of Tokyo at night. The spellbinding smell of Takoyaki coupled with hundreds of bright neon lights reflected on the damp pavements will definitely own you.

  • Unbelievable fashion choices

The thing you definitely wouldn’t want to miss is the streets of Harajuku. If your Japan packages include a tour in Harajuku’s streets, you might think an M & M’s factory exploded. Harajuku street style is infamous for its mixing and matching bright colors and the celebration of the child inside you. You’ll see a lot of fashion aficionados from Lolita dolls with their pink frilled dresses to anime cosplayers with hair so bright it gives the sun a run for its money. If you want to witness the Harajuku Fashion Walk, you can opt for Japan packages that schedule tours prior to or during the schedules that the organizer, Junnyan, posts on their Twitter account.

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