Gulf Breeze, Florida = Great Vacation

Gulf Breeze Florida is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. It is a vibrant city in Santa Rosa County, Florida, just to the south of Pensacola Beach.

It is also in the Pensacola Metropolitan Area, which is in southern Florida. The population count was 6,716 as of 2020. Gulf Breeze lies between the cities of Pensacola Beach and Saint Petersburg.

Great Vacation Area

This area has lots to offer to anyone looking for an active vacation experience. There are lots of things to do in Gulf Breeze, especially for those looking for golfing fun.

The city is very proud of its golf courses, which cover some 3 hundred acres of golf courses that are part of the City of Gulf Breeze. For this reason, the city allows for street legal golf carts to travel on the roads making it even more convenient for golf fans. 

The beach is also ideal for water sports, which makes it the perfect place for a vacation getaway. It also has over a hundred rental homes and condos for people who want to stay near the beach.

Area Cities

Gulf Breeze Florida is about a three hour drive east of Saint Petersburg. It’s about two hours drive north of Gainesville, Florida and about an hour drive east of Tampa, Florida, making it a convenient vacation spot.

Pensacola is a close neighbor and a short drive away. Pensacola Beach is a popular tourist destination but is also famous for golfing. Many famous golfers have golf resorts here on their vacation. This makes it an excellent place for a relaxing day on the golf course or a good getaway while in Sarasota.

Dining & Hotel Experiences

This area is well known for its restaurants and other dining establishments. This makes it an ideal vacation spot for a group vacation or a romantic get away for two.

There are many hotels in Gulf Breeze Florida to accommodate your needs. These hotels offer various kinds of amenities that include air-conditioned rooms, indoor pools, gymnasiums, and many other options.


Gulf Breeze Florida is the ideal area for a great vacation getaway. There are many things to do in and around the city including golfing, dining, swimming, water sports, shopping, and many other fun activities.

Pensacola Beach offers many fun things to do in and around the area as well. Pensacola is one of the most famous beaches in Florida and is one of the main reasons for the growth of the area.