What to Do When Wandering in Wanaka, NZ

Wanaka, located in New Zealand’s South Island region and has the Southern Alps as its background, has a beauty that cannot be denied. The holiday houses Wanaka has today are in demand, as travelers seek different attractions, from the quirky Wanaka tree to the majestic glacier peaks. Different routes can be taken to reach Wanaka, with these airports to consider: Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch, and Wanaka airports, depending on your itinerary. Bus and vehicle rentals are also very accessible for land travel.

Lake Wanaka

The lake reveals different kinds of beauty in a year’s seasons and that’s why visitors come here for good photography. For example, if you’d like to have a unique location out of the country for your pre-wedding shots, why not go here? You’re lucky if you witness the Aurora Australis, which is just magical. See Wanaka holiday houses that let you conveniently reach ideal spots in the lake.

The Famous Wanaka Tree

#thatwanakatree has a become a popular hashtag among photographers. People tell that to locate this tree, you need to ask those who are familiar with the area as it is not too easy to find. The holiday houses Wanaka has within the vicinity can easily guide you. It is a bent willow on the Wanaka lake, and some say there’s really nothing fascinating about it. Well, if you are a passionate photographer, you need to visit this site at least a few times. Plan ahead the season and weather you are going to take a trip to see the tree, and create your own impression of the view! Others are able to create something otherworldly, whether by successfully capturing the Milky Way view in the night sky, or a glum scenery that looks like one in storybooks.

Warbirds Over Wanaka Airshow

The next airshow will be held in 2018, and this is done every two years in Easter weekend. It is said to be the biggest aviation event in the Southern Hemisphere. Expect top of the line military aircraft, aviation-related trades, and an entertaining mock air battle. read more

How to have an affordable holiday in Noosa

Throughout the year, Noosa attracts many tourists, which actually comes as no surprise as the natural beauty of Noosa can only be best described as unmatched. In fact, out of 7 million tourists Australia was reported to have hosted in the year that ended in March 2015, Noosa undoubtedly accounted for a fair share. Every year the number of tourists to popular destinations like Noosa increases. There is even a Noosa sustainable destination action plan 2013-2016 that was designed to increase the value of tourism to Noosa to 1 billion dollars per year by 2016. With just 2 hours away from Brisbane and Queensland harbors, this is the dream destination with fantastic Noosa holiday accommodation. One thing that has to be acknowledged, however, is that it is difficult to find accommodation Noosa has that is cheap, especially during the peak seasons. This article, however, seeks to help you solve this problem by providing tips on how you can enjoy an affordable Noosa holiday.

Sharing a room

If you are going for your holiday with the family, then rather than booking different rooms for everybody you can limit the rooms to two or three so that the kids share a room and then parents share a room. One easy way of doing this is by booking a room by the number of intended occupants like if you have three kids then book accommodation Noosa offers for three. This will provide the kids with enough room with different beds. This is a very affordable option. Besides, limiting the number of rooms to only a few gives the family members a chance to bond.

Nearby location

Identifying the kind of activities you would like to engage in as a family prior to making the trip will enable you to find accommodation Noosa has that’s perfect. Also once you know the activities you will engage in, you will find accommodation that is close by. This will make it affordable since close proximity to the location of activities will eliminate transportation fees and will also offer convenience.

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Top Four Luxury Hotels near Gatwick Airport

If you are looking forward to getting pampered close to the Gatwick Airport before embarking on another phase of your journey, then there is no better option than the luxurious full-service luxury hotels near Gatwick Airport. They are certainly pricey but not eye-wateringly expensive and you can access the most diverse array of amenities to make your stay here as comfortable as possible. Typical amenities at the hotels Gatwick Airport choices include internet connectivity, swimming pools, secure car parking, gyms and health clubs, private baths, lounges, tea and coffee-making facilities, laundry services and business and conferencing facilities. You can find several luxury accommodation facilities at both the south and north terminals of the London Gatwick Airport. If you are looking for some exquisite luxury at hotels near Gatwick Airport, here are some excellent options that you can check out:

hotels near Gatwick Airport

hotels near Gatwick Airport

The Hilton London Hotel Gatwick Airport

Located only 0.5km from the Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal, premium brand Hilton Gatwick is one of the leading luxury accommodation options close to the airport. It has unique distinction as the only hotel with covered walkway all the way to their airport terminal. The rooms are sound-proofed so the close proximity to the airport runway will not interrupt your sleep. The rooms at the Hilton Gatwick are both air-conditioned and quite spacious. Some of the key amenities at the hotel include an on-site gym, coffee shop, fitness centre, private bathroom, internet access and the on-site Garden Restaurant and Amy’s Restaurant serving sumptuous meals. From here, Central London is only 30 minutes away.

Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, LGW

From here, the South Terminal of the Gatwick Airport is only 10 minutes away. The bedrooms at the hotel are highly stylish with king-size beds, air-conditioning and satellite TV channels. There is a shuttle service from the hotel to and from the airport every 20 minutes. The Gatwick Express Train Shuttle offers easy access to Central London. Rooms at the Courtyard by Marriott are super-spacious and are kitted with numerous amenities such as tea and coffee-making facilities, fitness centre, flat-screen TV and a restaurant serving sumptuous meals. read more

Top-Rated Hotels in Mayfair

Staying at carefully-chosen hotels in Mayfair London gives you a memorable experience on this great European city like no other. However, one of the most important decisions to make when travelling in any place is the accommodation to stay in.

hotels in Mayfair London

hotels in Mayfair London

Whether you are travelling for tourism, business, or education-related purposes, you are sure to find an ideal hotel in London that would cater your needs. If you wish to stay in Central London, near the infamous Hyde Park, then it would be ideal to get an accommodation in Mayfair.

Some of the most luxurious 5-star Mayfair hotels. . .

  • The Millennium Hotel carries an 18th century grandeur, during which it was built. It offers a picturesque view of the Grosvenor Square. The hospitality at this hotel in Mayfair is beyond reproach. Moreover, boutiques and restaurants are just a few metres away, truly making it an ideal holiday accommodation for someone who is keen on experiencing every aspect of London.
  • The Park Lane Hotel. If you wish to stay a decent distance away from the Buckingham Palace, then this is the hotel for you. The Park Hotel is just 500 metres away from the Hyde Park and overlooks the Green Park. There are varying room sizes to suit the taste of every guest.
  • The May Fair. Named after its location, this is truly an upscale accommodation option that gives you a luxurious and a memorable stay. It is about 600 metres away from the Piccadilly Circus, along with room that features unique Asian-themed and contemporary décor. With a gym and a massage treatment available in-house as well, this is truly a magnificent haven.
  • The Athenaeum is a five-star hotel that offers sophistication, comfort, and proximity to some of the most favoured attractions of London. Situated near the Buckingham Palace, theatres, galleries, museums, as well as the Royal Parks, the ambience of this facility is to die for! You can get tranquility and top-notch hospitality treatment here.
  • The Westbury Mayfair Hotel. If you want to explore shopping outlets located on Bond Street, the Westbury would be an appropriate place to stay. Situated close to Piccadilly, you can be sure to keep fit, thanks to the well-equipped fitness centre available.
  • The Sofitel London St. James. This is another one of the top-rated hotels in Mayfair London. It is literally surrounded by the most renowned attractions of Central London. The Trafalgar Square, the Piccadilly Circus, the Buckingham Palace, the Admiralty Arch, as well as the Big Ben are some of these. Also, the entertainment provisions and the ambience of this hotel make it a location worth staying at more than once!
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    Japan Packages

    You Will Never Forget the Streets of Japan

    Brisk walking could get tiring as time passes—except when you do it in Japan! Is there a better way than to get up, stretch, and walk the streets of the land of the rising sun? Japan is regarded as a tech beast in Asia, but its streets scream its utmost respect for culture and heritage. In April 2017 alone, there have already been 23, 000 visits from Australia according to JTB Tourism Research and Consulting. Many of these Australians usually avail Japan packages that include walking and biking tours. Japan packages in Australia usually allow tourists to Dojos and historical places, but what the tourists never forgot were the streets of Japan. Mostly it left them in awe, but its bizarreness also baffled them. What’s magical about them? You’ll find out here:

    Japan Packages

    • Insane Vending Machines

    In Japan, people are addicted to automation. From hot meals to magazines, their vending machines got it for you. Even the number of vending machines surpassed the number of sushi stores they have. You can check Japan packages if you want to get some of these products from a vending machine:

    A drink of your choice – In Japan, there’s a vending machine that has a facial recognition software that could guess your age and gender, and then suggest a beverage for you.

    Fish Soup – The Japanese love their fish—grilled flying fish, to be exact—so much that they place it in bottles with soup and algae.

    Business Cards – Designing and printing business cards can be so easy in Japan—just press a few buttons and indicate your information. A reporter from Vox Borders even got to print about 30 pieces in 2 minutes.

    Canned bread – Japan started in the 50’s with sodas in a can, now they can’t be stopped anymore from canning everything, even bread.

    • Otherworldly city in the night

    Pure magic—that’s how anyone who’s been there would describe it. If you haven’t seen Studio Ghibli’s animated movies, you will be missing out on a feeling of pure ecstasy of being in Japan at night. The best Japan packages you should avail for your visit should include walking tours in the streets of Tokyo at night. The spellbinding smell of Takoyaki coupled with hundreds of bright neon lights reflected on the damp pavements will definitely own you. read more

    koh samui hotels

    Retreating to the Koh Samui Hotels

    It is vital to take a break from work from time to time. Besides helping you relax a little, it gives the brain ample time to recuperate from a period of hard work. Different people have varying ways of taking these breaks. While one person may find locking themselves in the house and switching off their phones effective, another will have to take a trip away from home to feel the peace. Koh Samui hotels provide the perfect destination for such retreats. Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand and is endowed with a variety of attractive sites that are worth visiting. The island is lined with beaches which offer a brilliant sight of the sea and the blue waters stretching far into the horizon. The beaches are coated in white sand whose texture gives some wonderful feel on the feet.

    Trips are always the perfect way to spend a vacation. Spending the break in a part of the world you have never visited gives you new experiences and may prove to be very tremendous. Everybody has a unique reason for going on vacations.

  • Helps relieving stress. Leaving everything, such as work, behind helps in clearing the brain of any worries. Stress is in itself associated to several health problems such as headaches, cardiovascular diseases and other serious medical situations. Moving to a new place will get you preoccupied with other things, a situation that will help you forget other problems. When your brain is free from worry, you will discover that certain solutions that had seemed impossible earlier on are available.
  • Enhanced mental skills. The less occupied the brain is, the more functional it becomes. It increases the creativity of an individual and the ability to develop solutions to certain problems.
  • Improved physical health. Aside from relieving one of stress, taking vacations to places like Koh Samui hotels opens up opportunities to engage in physical exercises. They are always full of activity and sports equipment to keep you busy at all times.
  • Strengthened family relationships. Work related responsibilities have been observed to occasionally cause strains in family relationships. There is very little time to spare to get to know the family better and to spend some time together. Taking a family vacation is very efficient in strengthening the bonds between family members. You have all the time to yourselves. The only thing to be responsible about is making the vacation a success.
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    Luxury and Enjoyment at Their Best

    If you are touring the Mediterranean, the trip will remain incomplete without a foray into the sea. The world-famous coastline offers many attractions all along and it is for you to choose which one gives you more thrill. You can rent a yacht Mediterranean operators provide from the French coast and take a trip to some of the exotic islands in the middle of the ocean. In a recent announcement, even the top cab aggregators are joining the business and offering boat services. Obviously, there is room enough for more players in the region to provide the best and the most comfortable cruises into the waters. Whether you hire a boat for a short trip or a long one, the yacht companies have the solutions for all.

    rent a yacht mediterranean

    Understanding the Terms of Renting a Vessel A majority of people who rent a yacht Mediterranean operators offer, do so to have fun. They are usually in groups and it is frequently observed that they travel as families with the spouses and kids making it a large gathering. The primary idea is to wine and dine and have a gala time till they reach back the shore. The charter companies follow what is called the APA yachting system. In this system, if you wish to rent a yacht, they will have to send the crew with it to operate the vessel, comprising the captain downward. Then there would be the need for serving food and drinks on board. The charter company collects a certain cost towards all these upfront and the amount is named Advanced Provisioning Allowance or APA. This is known as APA in yacht charter.

    Making the Various Choices in Advance

    Now it is difficult for the companies renting out the yachts to know how much will be the actual expenses during the complete trip since it can vary with every client taking the yachts on rent. The size of the entourage, the distance and duration of the trip; all these will determine the cost of the trip. It must be understood that the bare yacht rental charges do not include any of these. That will be a fixed fee based on the type and size of the vessel being hired and the destinations to be covered by the trip. The party renting the yacht will come up with the choices, including what all food items are to be served, the brands of liquor they would want to be served and so on. All these will determine how much APA yacht charter allowance needs to be deposited before going on the trip. Obviously, any excess amount left after the conclusion of the cruise would be credited back to the client’s account. read more

    How to Look for Ideal Bali Volunteer Programs

    Would you be interested in doing volunteer work in Bali, Indonesia? Indonesia is one of the most visited countries and Asia and Bali is one of its most famous provinces. Bali is an island so aside from being home to many Hindu Indonesians, it’s also considered as the habitat for many types of marine species as well as the home of the Subak Irrigation System, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Needless to say, Bali is a sight to behold but it’s also in need of cleanup and marine life preservation. Good thing there are many agencies and non-profit organizations that help solve their social and environment problems by sending volunteer workers, such as Involvement Volunteers International which is based in Australia. If you’re looking for possible Bali volunteer programs, what procedure should you follow?

    Kinds of Volunteer Work to Do in Bali

    Before you start searching for groups that offer work for volunteer in Bali, you have to know what kinds of non-profit work you can do there. One of the most extensive volunteer programs done in Bali is for turtle and marine life conservation. Bali’s water forms need to be regularly cleaned and maintained so they can preserve their rich marine ecosystem. Bali’s streets and sewerage are also polluted with trash due to improper waste disposal habits, so they accept cleanup help offered by groups like Involvement Volunteers International. Cleanup drives are open to anyone who are willing to either help clean Bali streets or educate the residents on proper waste disposal techniques.

    Aside from marine preservation you may also become teachers or mentors of students in the Bali province. You can help improve the academic performance of Bali students by assisting them in subjects or topics which they are having difficulty with. If you have medical background you may volunteer to help in nutritional programs that are implemented to help Bali residents improve and maintain their overall well-being. read more

    What Passionate Volunteers Restore in the Lives of Orphans

    Helping others realize their destiny is the greatest assignment you could ever fulfill. What you have is enough to share with someone else in need. Some people wait until they get a ransom of money so that they can help the needy people such as the destitute and orphans. They forget that even their time and little things can be valuable to others. Any compassionate volunteer gets the greatest fulfillment ever. If you would like to volunteer with children, it would be good to visit orphanages and other places in Philippines and Fiji among other countries across the globe. By volunteering with the orphans, you would restore the following in their lives:

    volunteer with children


    Nothing makes a child hopeless more than realizing they have no biological parents like other children do. Most children believe that what they wish to ever become has everything to do with their parents. So when parents are no more, orphans feel there is hope for nothing. However, you could help them change their perception towards life goals and make them know they have all it takes to achieve their destiny. Spending time to give them encouraging words about life is a great mission to fulfill. If you ever desired to volunteer with children, orphanages would be ideal places for you. Click here Involvement Volunteers International


    Quality education is a right of every child across the globe. Nevertheless, some children don’t get the education they deserve because of some inevitable circumstances. Loss of parents is something that children can’t control and for this reason, they don’t deserve the consequences that come with it. When some volunteers prepare to go and stay with the needy children, they carry money, teaching materials, and food to facilitate their education. It’s one of the things you should do if you want to be an effective volunteer in Fiji.


    They say that when children are unhealthy, the world is headed in an unhealthy direction. Orphaned children face numerous medical challenges such as parasitic infections, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS. As a passionate volunteer Fiji has today, you should carry deworming tablets and vitamin supplements to give to the orphaned children. In your efforts to help them restore physical health, they also get back their emotional health. read more

    Planning on trekking Cardamom Mountains? Here is what to pack

    Cambodia has been voted one of the most visited places in Asia by tourists, which comes as no surprise given that there are many beautiful places to visit and many fun activities to engage in. One of the most coveted activities topping the ‘what to do in Cambodia’ list is Cardamom Mountains trekking.

    cardamom mountains trekking

    Taking a trekking tour into the jungle will provide you and your family an awesome chance to bond as you learn about the natural remedies that the locals have been using for the longest time. You also will get to experience a unique but special “hydro massage” due to the thundering waterfalls nearby. You could do kayaking through the mangroves as you search for the exotic birds as well as chase the brightly colored butterflies or even take a dip at the waterfalls nearby. You could also try fishing in the river, swimming or take sunset river cruise searching for wildlife. You can do so much to experience the great mountains. While at it, you will need to pack some essentials. Read on to know more.

    Amazing walking shoes

    The best way to experience the beautiful Cardamom jungle is Cardamom Mountains trekking so that you can get to truly engage with the natural majesty of the mountain. This, therefore, calls for comfortable shoes. Sneakers are great flat walking shoes that have a good grip and support; hence, are mostly recommended. Also flat sandals can work as they allow your feet to breathe and thus an option to consider. Going with the wrong shoes can spoil the entire adventure.

    Carry Sunscreen

    It’s no secret, Cambodia experiences sunny weather almost through the year and if you sign up for a Cardamom mountains tour, then you need to be prepared to be up and about. Even if your accommodation will be somewhere near the mountain, the load of activities will not allow you to stay out. Therefore, it will be in your best interest if you packed some sunscreen, a hat to shield against the harsh scorching sun as you walk about and sunglasses to protect your eyes. read more